climb mountains toubkal

climb mountains toubkal

A 4 day trek in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco and the climb mountains toubkal , whose strong point is climbing to the summit of Toubkal. A hike in the fresh vegetation of junipers and pines is a perfect way to rejuvenate your mind and body. You cross deep gorges, streams, rivers and the exalted amanderaies and walnut trees, your location while your guide will take you on a roller coaster ride up and down in the beautiful hills.
The valleys are home to small villages and Berber ethnic villages, a farming community and agriculture. Visit their homes and contact them to learn more about their traditions and customs. Admire their fields of corn and barley on terraces and have a glimpse of their daily lives.

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Day 1


An air-conditioned vehicle will take you to your hotel in Marrakech at 8:00. You will travel in a private car accompanied by an English speaking guide.

Cross the Gorges of Moulay Brahim and the high valleys to reach the Berber village of Imlil from trail (1740 m), known as Morocco’s ‘Little Chamonix’, with streams and branching paths in all directions. There, with Jbels Toubkal, Aguelzim (3547 m) and Aksouâl (3847 m) that weigh on you, you get off the vehicle for tea welcome glass of mint in your hostel.

Then you start your 4 km hike that takes you to the valley of Assif Aït not Mizane and Berber villages of Aroumd (Aremd) (1843 m), whose dwellings are perched in Pisa on a terraced moraine spur. Continue through Taourirt, Targa Imoula and the village just as picturesque as sacred Sidi Chamharouch, located next to a waterfall and a small creek.
8 km further through the beautiful countryside, you will stop for your welcome picnic previously. Once refreshed, you will follow rough mule trails for 3 hours for the Toubkal (eg Neltner). There you will find a refuge where you spend the night.
day 2
After an early breakfast, you will admire the spectacular sunrise. As soon as daylight you will make a rough climbing 3 hours to conquer the highest peak in the Maghreb (4167 m).

After so much time to enjoy the view, you descenderez South Ikkhibi – or the Southern Circuit – for a simple down 2 to 3 hours to return to the refuge for your picnic. In the afternoon, you will make a gentle hike to the southeast for a couple of hours strolling towards the valley of Assif Ait Mizan do. So high gives you a great view of the track you have covered and the green outline of distant cobalt Lake Ifni. You will return to the Toubkal Refuge for your welcome dinner and accommodation for 2 days.

day 3


Another breakfast and you will go to the northwest of the top, bottom and on steep slopes through the mule tracks at Tizi Aguelzim (3560 m) still offering spectacular views of jagged peaks and valleys green. From there you will hike down for about 3 hours via a pin 72, on winding tracks at Tamsoult Aazib (2145 m), where you will have a picnic near a stream. In the afternoon, visit the waterfall Tamsoult (also known under the name of Irhoulidene, 2200 m). You will then go to dinner and accommodation, which at night will be in a lodge.

day 4
After breakfast and with remarkable Toubkal that covers you, you will go north on winding tracks leading mule on the steep slopes up to Tizi M’zik (2664 m). You will stop for a picnic near the Berber village of M’zik with the magnificent Valley of Imlil and Algouli Adrars and El Hadj around you.
On your return journey, you will follow mule tracks to the village of Imlil. There, your vehicle will be waiting to take you back to Marrakech.